Delegation Rewards

$NFTC will be available as rewards through wallet delegation. Currently there are (3) delegation rewards programs available.
1) Rewards Program (BETA)
Participating projects holders earn $NFTC for delegating the wallet that their CNFTs are held. The amount of $NFTC earned is determined by the number of CNFTs they hold. Delegation to ANY staking pool is allowed, however rewards are reduced for wallets that are not delegated to the NFT Creative staking pool.
2) Blockchain Wide Rewards
All Cardano blockchain users may claim an allotment of (1) $NFTC each epoch for delegating their wallet to ANY stakepool.
3) NFT Creative Staking Pool
Promotional opportunities to earn $NFTC will be available through delegating ADA to the NFT Creative staking pool.
This table will be updated with current information as it is made publicly available.