Operations - 3B

Tokens allocated to operations will be used for non-project-specific purposes, such as paying contractors, compensating partners, making donations, promotional programs, rewards programs and more.

The ‘Available’ tokens will be allocated as needed, on an operation to operation basis.

Current Token Allocation by Operation

OperationTotal $NFTC Distributed


Token Contract Creation



Promotional Programs

DripDropz.io - 1 per epoch BC wide

25,000,000 (COMPLETE)

NFTC Staking Pool Promotion

10,000,000 (COMPLETE)

Various Affiliate Promotions

5,000,000 (COMPLETE)

Rewards Programs

Rewards Program (BETA)

50,000,000 (COMPLETE)

Rewards Program (Phase 1)

50,000,000 (COMPLETE)

Delegation Program (Phase 1)

25,000,000 (COMPLETE)



This table will be updated with current information as it is made publicly available.

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