Supply - 3B

‘Supply’ is broken into (2) categories - ‘Project Allocation’ and ‘Public & Private Sales Allocation’.

Project Allocation - 1.5B

All NFT Creative projects will be provided with a token allotment of $NFTC.

The distribution method and distribution schedule for these tokens will be detailed within the relevant project documentation, but will be bound by the ‘Rules of Distribution’ to ensure project longevity as well as reduce market volatility.

The maximum token allotment for each project is set at 300,000,000 $NFTC.

Public & Private Sales Allocation - 1.5B

These tokens will be distributed through various public and private sales. (100) percent of the ADA from public and private sales will be matched with an equal value of $NFTC tokens from the 'Liquidity' token allocation and will be added to various decentralized exchanges and/or online experiences.

The token sales price and new $NFTC / ADA pair introduction prices will be subject to market conditions and determined at a later date.

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