Distribution Schedules

Each token allocation is bound by a strict distribution schedule. These distribution schedules will be determined on a case to case basis. Although each project or operation may require a separate distribution schedule for its token allocation to best suit its needs, all token allocations must follow the ‘Rules of Distribution’ as laid out in this section.

Current Pledged Profits by Project

Distribution Category
Project / Subcategory
$NFTC Amount
Min. Duration
Project Allocation
PunkAss! - Rewards
5 years
Promotions - DripDropz.io
2 years
*Partnership Promotion
This table will be updated with current information as it is made publicly available.
The specific distribution methods and schedules are available in the relevant project’s documentation.
*New Partnership Program additions will be given a promotional timeframe, for their communities to earn NFTC with zero obligations. To maintain NFTC rewards for their respective communities, they must either pledge a portion of profits, or work with NFT Creative to provide utility to their communities through NFTC related programs.