Liquidity - 1.5B

The liquidity pool is a reserve of tokens that will be used specifically for adding liquidity to decentralized trade exchanges. Tokens from this pool may be provided for liquidity in multiple scenarios.

Sizable amounts of profit from various NFT Creative projects will be injected alongside $NFTC to create or add to liquidity exchange pools.

Current Pledged Profits by Project

CollectionOwnerBlockchainAmount Pledged

NFTC Mega Pass

NFT Creative


50% of mint and 50% of royalties (ADA/NFTC)


NFT Creative


50% of royalties


NFT Creative


25% of mint and 25% of royalties

This table will be updated with current information as it is made publicly available.

Profits from projects that are not on the Cardano blockchain will be exchanged at market value for ADA at the time of liquidity injection.

New $NFTC / ADA pair introduction prices will be subject to market conditions and determined at a later date.

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