Code of Conduct - Affiliates


The goal at NFT Creative, collectively known as NFTC, has been and will continue to be, a healthy reciprocation program. NFTC strives to be a custodian of community driven projects, with a positive reputation for upholding transparency, moral accountability, project sustainability, and a culture of collaboration aimed at garnering good results, while mindfully maintaining ethical and social responsibility, professionalism and a commitment to bring a positive change on Cardano.

NFTC will abide by a Code of Conduct, Ethical Business Practices, Social Responsibility, in addition to a socially accepted definition of what is considered Ethical, Moral, and Legal.


We have a commitment to conduct our business in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with the highest ethical principles. This commitment ensures our reputation for; honesty, integrity, quality, and as such, NFTC expects the same commitment of all project founders participating in the NFTC rewards program.


NFTC believes that the welfare of the community and all projects and their community members old and new, is best served by practicing a culture of openness and ethical business practices. Ethical values are critical in determining how we handle internal and external issues. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility go hand in hand. Be Ethical, Lead by Example, Show Moral Courage, Consider Personal and Professional Reputation, Consider the Public Interest, Consider Virtue in actions taken, and Comply with Rules.


The stakes for outperforming competition is always high, but never warrant unscrupulous tendencies such as; deception, collusion, selfish, all-consuming personal gain, violations of conscience, mistreatment of members, manipulation of accounts, unethical and illegal business practices, failure to honor commitments, fraud, wash trading, embezzlement, discrimination or harassment, theft, failure to pay, etc.

For example; manipulating accounts to show inflated profits to mislead investors, project founders, project collaborators, community members and the end consumer is unethical and not allowed.


NFTC has a policy to compete vigorously, aggressively and successfully, all while remaining fervently faithful to complying with all applicable anti-trust, competition and fair dealing in the Cardano community, the market and blockchain in which NFTC operates.

NFTC seeks to excel while operating honestly and ethically. Never through taking unfair advantage of others. NFTC expects the same from all project founders participating in the NFTC rewards program.

No one should take unfair advantage through manipulating, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts or any other unfair dealing practices. The anti-trust rules are designed to preserve a competitive economy and promote fair and vigorous competition.


A conflict of interest exists when a person’s private interest interferes in any way with the interest of their project, and community members. Any project founder directly receiving improper benefits as a result of their involvement in NFTC or gains personal enrichment through access to confidential information, will be removed from the program.


NFTC will not tolerate or affiliate with any project that fails to endeavor and maintain a positive personal and professional reputation. The responsibilities owed in considering personal and professional reputation are fragile. Egomaniacal moves, personal grandiosity, greed, hypocrisy, intimidation, attempted intimidation, retaliation (attempted or otherwise) against any project or community member is unacceptable and grounds for immediate removal.

NFTC believes that the code of ethics concerning social responsibility and reputation ultimately is about how actions could be viewed by others. NFTC therefore expects all project founders participating in the NFTC rewards program to reflect their belief and willingness to abide by this code.


No code can address all specific aspects or situations, therefore, each project founder’s responsibility to apply the principles set forth in this code in a responsible fashion using common sense and in exercising good judgment. If something seems unethical or improper, it likely is. A failure by any project to comply to the rules of NFTC, or any other policy or requirement set forth by NFTC, may result in termination from the program, and if warranted, legal proceedings.

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