The NFTC Partnership Program aims to connect communities by implementing an established NFT/FT cyclical ecosystem using $NFTC, the native token of the NFT Creative ecosystem. The program relies on reciprocal actions taken by partner projects to provide various utility to all of the projects in the program as well as cross-pollinate the communities and maximize engagement. By utilizing a single token for rewards, voting, as a vehicle to add functionality, means as an exchange for goods and services, metaverse currencies and more we can provide a multitude of use cases for the $NFTC token and the communities of the projects enrolled. In most cases each NFT Creative endeavour, whether it is multi-project collaboration or not, will be geared towards generating and providing liquidity for the $NFTC token on various exchanges and online experiences. This program is currently in a BETA phase and any information regarding the program will be added to this document when made publicly available.
This is a living document and is subject to change at any time.