Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I earn the $NFTC token?
A: You can earn the $NFTC token through dripdropz.io NFTC is available to holders of one of the many affiliate projects within NFT Creative. The initial coin offering (ICO) is limited token allotment or half of the total available awards on dripdropz.io $NFTC can also be won in games hosted by NFTC in the official discord, and through various promotions and giveaways run across the affiliate projects within the NFT Creative ecosystem.
Q: Can I buy $NFTC?
A: Yes, you can buy $NFTC thru the official $NFTC Vending machine. Visit www.NftCreative.ca or look for the dApp $NFTC Vending on Eternal. You can also find the link in the official NFTC discord under #💸│buy-nftc│💸 in the NFTC-SERVICES channel.
Q: How can I use $NFTC token?
A: The specific use case’s for $NFTC are constantly expanding. The 1st of which is the NFTC Discord. Every member must hold and verify their wallet contains a minimum of 5,000 NFTC to access the discord. Once verified, members have access to the gaming channel for daily opportunities to win additional NFTC in the games. Furthermore, the NFTC discord uses the tipping bot, Farm Bot, where members can tip or at random reward one another in NFTC. The discord is also where all NFTC and affiliate projects share upcoming hosted events, games, promotions, and giveaways for NFTC. The $NFTC token is also used for minting Creative collaborative projects and acts as a token for mint. Apart from $NFTC native projects and mints, the token is also available on other platforms, such as minting with NFTMoments, buying coffee on Cardano Coffee, and a multitude of additional marketplaces and platforms existing and upcoming.
You can also add your token to the official Liquidity Pool on Minswap. In participating you are earning passive income on transactions within the pool. The greater the pool to higher the value of the token. More passive income is underway, so remember to check for updates and follow the official NFT Creative social media links which can be found here. https://www.twitter.com/NFTCreativeCA https://discord.gg/NFTC
Q: Can I trade my $NFTC token for other cryptocurrencies?
A: Yes, you can trade your $NFTC token for ADA on Minswap.
Q: Is there a list of all the projects earning $NFTC?
A: Yes, you can see a list of the projects in our documentation available on our website www.nftcreative.ca You can also follow us on Twitter
and Discord to learn about recent projects that have joined. All of our affiliated projects have the $NFTC logo on their twitter banner, which is a quick, fast and easy way to identify projects that have claimable rewards for their community. While we make every effort to update the website and our documentation, we encourage every one of our members to routinely stop in and read the announcement channel or tune into the Humpday Twitter space, to learn about the $NFTC platform, and all the most recent updates as they happen. You can also check your projects discord for the NFTC Updates channel, which is shared across every affiliate project’s discord as well.
Q: How do I join and where can I learn more about the NFTC stake pool?
A: You can join the stake pool directly from pool.pm Simply click the hyper link and then click JOIN on the screen. Or you can select the NFTC delegation pool from your wallet. To learn more about the official NFTC stake pool visit our website, follow us on Twitter, and look for the #🥩│nftc-staking│🥩 in the discord.
Q: How much $NFTC does each project earn?
A: The claimable amount is determined by a projects overall health using our base formula, compounded by the strength and rating of a project, i.e. (reciprocation, community engagement, user adoption, development, governance, market demand, reputation, and technical soundness). There are multiple factors considered for health and risk, all of which are constantly changing as the cryptocurrency market is volatile. There is no fixed token subscribed to any project, but rather is determined by the projects own performance, participation, and growth. The success and claimable token allotment is, in turn, determined by the project and the current market conditions. Claimable amounts are subject to change every epoch and are in no way guaranteed.
Q: Does the $NFTC token stack or do I have to claim every epoch?
A: The $NFTC token is not stackable. To collect you must claim every epoch from dripdropz.io
Q: What is the $NFTC Mega pass?
A: The $NFTC is a limited supply pass that provides holders with access to the NFTC discord along with exclusive channels available only to those holders. Holding a Mega Pass, comes with exclusive air drops, holder only white lists, discounted mints for select projects, and is a reward multiplier for the NFTC stake pool. Mega Pass features for holders: Guaranteed whitelist on all NFTC minted projects All projects minted through the NFTC minter and projects created and minted by NFT Creative will be automatically whitelisted. Whitelist on various Partnership Projects At the partner projects discretion. Large token claim allowances Mega Pass holders can claim 250 NFTC per epoch. $NFTC airdrops We will be distributing unscheduled airdrops of random amounts $NFTC to all pass holders. Metaverse asset airdrops We will be distributing unscheduled airdrops of place-able metaverse assets to all pass holders. (not unique) Full server access Mega Pass holders enjoy full access to this server. Access to private events, live performances and more Mega Pass holders will enjoy free access to all live events run by NFT Creative, including the underground night club being built in to the Cardastacks Metaverse, as well as any in person events we plan in the future. Staking program multiplier The staking multiplier will take effect for programs that require staking the $NFTC token. We are developing a staking program. The first test of this will roll out as a Mega Pass holder only staking pool, and will expand as we move forward. The launch date of the first staking promotion is TBD! Discounts on physical merchandise At the retailers discretion. We also will be releasing our own line of branded merch which can only be purchased with $NFTC. The Mega Pass holders will enjoy a hefty discount on these physical items. Discount amount TBD! and more!
Q: Are the multiplier rewards for the $NFTC Mega pass stackable?
A: The $NFTC mega pass multiplier is not stackable. The mega pass with the highest tier multiplier in your wallet will only be factored for the rewards.
Q: Is the stake pool multiplier active for $NFTC Mega pass?
A: The $NFTC Mega Pass multiplier has not gone into effect yet. As the beta phase of NFT Creative comes to an end, the launch of Phase 1 rewards claiming and staking will be in full effect. During this adoption and transition period, additional project adoption and development will be released, including new passive income streams, use cases for $NFTC and new project onboarding. The mega pass multiplier is scheduled for phase 2 of the adoption per the tokenomics. Nothing is definitive, and at our discretion, introduction and implementation of the multiplier may begin sooner.
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